Mastering GUT Health – Module 1

The Gateway to Chronic Health Conditions – causes & solutions to heal chronic health issues.

Module 1 – Mastering Gut Health $475 (Four 60 minute online tracts) Become a member and SAVE $313




Mastering Functional Nutrition – Module 2

Creates world class Leaders in Health Care – Because it is the Most Comprehensive Functional Nutrition program Out There

Healing chronic health  naturally. Gain the skills, tools, and knowledge of 27 yrs. with Dr. Teresa Rispoli become a Certified Functional Nutritionist (CFN) and resolve the underlying cause of chronic health conditions like autoimmune, allergies, SIBO, Hormone imbalances, Leaky Gut, and learn how to use Functional laboratory tests to gain insight, use assessment tools to gain patient knowledge and questionnaires to build a timeline of your patients health status.  This functional nutrition certification online training, led by Functional Nutritionist Dr. Teresa Rispoli helps practitioners develop the most important skills in healthcare that produce healthy outcomes.

Module 2 – Mastering Functional Nutrition $1475 (Ten 60 minute online tracts) Become a member and SAVE $495

NOTE:  Lesson 1 – 7 is currently available,  lesson 8 – 10 coming soon! You can purchase it now and save $495 and the lessons will populate as they become available



Personal Mentoring by Dr. Teresa Rispoli

Personal Mentoring $175 or $450/3 hours

Receive personal mentoring during your studies to aid in understanding course material and case studies. Not to be misconstrued as diagnosing and treating your patients.

Your registration for the seven module FNA™ – Personal Mentoring signifies that you have purchased the course, read and agreed to our registration policies. Please note: prices are subject to change.

$175/hour or 3 hours paid in advance – $450 (that’s a $75 savings!)

Learn from the Master. Dr Teresa Rispoli, Doctor of Clinical Nutrition, Naturopath, Functional Nutritionist, Acupuncturist will bring her 27 years of clinical knowledge to your aid.



Policies, Terms and Conditions

Cancellation Policy: Cancellation requests must be received in writing a minimum of 1 week BEFORE the course starts, by email to support@functionalnutritionistacademy.com to be eligible for a refund, less a $50 cancellation fee per Module 1 & 2. FNA™ will reply with an acknowledgement. Once the course begins, there are no refunds available. Note: if you have paid for a Track but it has not started yet and wish to defer until a later date, you have a one year period to start the Track and no $50 cancellation fee will be assessed. Once the track has started, tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable to another year. However, if you fail to take the class within the 1 year period, you will forfeit your entire registration fee.

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