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Four Easy to Follow Training Modules

Four 60-minute Training Sessions with acclaimed Functional Nutritionist, Teresa Rispoli, DCN, PHD, LAC That Teach Me How Restore the Gut Microbiome, Heal Leaky Gut, Reverse Autoimmune Diseases and Destroy Biofilms, all causes of chronic health conditions.

We help  practitioners develop the most important skills in healthcare:

  • Fill your practice through happy client referrals

    Happy clients will refer you to their family, friends, and business associates

  • Get enhanced clinical results

    By practicing true root-cause resolution medicine

  • Influence Your Clients

    To commit to long-term health goals for healthier outcomes

  • Lead With Confidence

    Become The Go-To Healthcare Provider in Your Area

  • Join Our Community

    Of like-minded people like yourself

Graduates of our academy are some of the most successful healthcare leaders in the world. Why? There are five primary reasons:

  • Innovation

    You can expect a master level education that’s redefining what it means to be a functional nutritionist by connecting all the dots.

  • Real Life Results

    Helping people have healthy outcomes by getting to the cause or root of their symptoms.

  • Doing What You Love

    Learning what you are passionate in is worth doing, don’t you agree? When you are having fun doing what you love, you feel gratitude , and opportunities will open up to you.

  • What's Different About Our Course?

    We teach you how to ask targeted questions to get to the root of the illness, not just treating the symptom. When pills and protocols don’t work you need these skills!

  • Doing What You Love

    Learning what you are passionate in is worth doing, don’t you agree? When you are having fun doing what you love, you feel gratitude , and opportunities will open up to you..

How it Works

Teresa Rispoli, acclaimed Functional Nutritionist, provides four online 60 minute lessons posted to your dedicated Member Hub to listen to at your own convenience. Plus access to transcripts, PDF's, Done-For-You protocols, Lab Test samples and references, case studies, key take-aways to keep you on point and quizzes to test your knowledge.

Private Forum Question & Answers 

The entire community of students have the opportunity to connect with each other to discuss case studies, current challenges they are facing in practice, and to dive deeper into course material.

Understanding Concepts & Gaining Valuable Tools

By understanding the concepts and tools FNA™ offers you, in these training modules, you will acquire the skills and knowledge to make you one of the most sought after, advanced functional nutritionist in the competitive healthcare marketplace. Being able to implement these tools in your life and clinical practice will bring you greater satisfaction in your professional practice and those you serve, because you will be able to solve many chronic health problems and stop the suffering that many people are faced with today.

Why Functional Nutrition Now?

  • Functional Nutrition is a highly sought after, results-oriented, preventable, predictable, proactive, personalized health care model. It empowers patients to take an active role in their own health.
  • Functional Nutrition offers a powerful new model for assessment, treatment, and prevention of chronic debilitation diseases to replace the outdated, ineffective acute-care medical model.
  • Functional Nutrition is evidence based, scientifically proven incorporation, genetics, system biology, and understanding of how diet, lifestyle and environment influence the emergence and progression of disease and utilized specialty laboratory tests, not yet adopted by allopathic doctors, to pin point dysfunctional areas of the body.
  • All forward thinking medical doctors will need trained Functional Nutritionists to add to their team. They are hiring NOW and need you to help their chronically ill patients with diet & lifestyle changes as well as getting to the root of their chronic health conditions for healthy outcomes.  They don’t have the time or skills. That is where you come in. You will be able to hold your own next to your new colleges with this valuable training.

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